Pet Spa & Boarding
Luxury Boarding Suites & Grooming services for Dogs & Cats
2245 Plantation Center Drive
Building 5 Suite 27
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Phone: (904) 592-4810
We are proud to offer the very finest in boarding accommodations for your dog(s) and/or cat(s) as well as grooming. We have newly designed, individual, spacious, indoor, completely climate controlled rooms and condos for your special pet. Our employees share a unique love of animals and will treat your loved one as one of their own. The facilities and rooms are cleaned on an ongoing basis, and disinfected daily. Individual potty walks are given throughout the day and at night. Treats from home are always welcome and fresh water is available to pets at all times.

Extra TLC walks: Although all our Dogs are treated with TLC daily, played with and walked regularly. Adding a Extra TLC Long Walk will be an extended period of time that your dog gets one on one personal extra TLC on a longer adventure in the Gazebo Park. This is recommended for dogs with extra energy or separation anxiety while their Owner(s) are away.

Extra Cat Cuddle Time: Although all our Cats are treated with TLC and played with (if they are friendly) daily. Adding Extra Cat Cuddle time gives your cat(s) an extended period of time out of their Condo to explore and play in a room kept quietly separate from the dogs. Also gives cat(s) extra one on one TLC.

Call or stop by to ask about pricing information for the Boarding Extras or any other information; we are always willing to help with your needs or concerns

 Prices cannot be printed on the website due to the fluctuation of circumstances with each pet. Be advised the prices given when calling are estimates and should be used as a guide. Prices may vary due to condition of the coat and behavior of the pet as well as the size. Prices are subject to revision at the groomers discretion.
BATH AND TRIM … Includes Bath and Blow-dry, ear hair pulled (if needed), ears cleaned, nails trimmed. Hair will be trimmed on face, ears, feet and sanitary. The body hair length being cut would turn it into a…
FULL GROOM … Includes Bath and Blow-dry, ear hair pulled (if needed), ears cleaned, nails trimmed and your dog receives a full haircut.
BATH AND BRUSH … On certain breeds this includes a Bath and Blow-dry, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, feet trimmed (if desired) and sanitary trimmed. The coat brushed out, excessive undercoat may result in additional charges.